An idea is just an idea, unless you put it into motion. This all started in Georgetown, Texas. So, I had the idea of decorating a brick, I made a doodle, and put it aside. A conversation with artist Rebecca Bennett in Austin, inspired me to invite others. So, I start writing what I wanted this project to represent, and sent my notes to my talented writer friend, Jason Rubin, based out of Boston. Jason translated my thoughts into a really beautiful message. Then I sent his text to Brazil, so that my mom could translate it to Spanish and Portuguese. Once I got it back, the text was sent to my cousin Marian that lives in Spain, as well as few more Spanish speaking friends. The main graphic for the project is a collaboration between myself and Mexican illustrator Adri├ín Oviedo. Then the english text was sent to England, where Simone Oppes of SiSi Letter design created this beautiful piece. Then there’s all the artists from everywhere that have said yes to being a part of this project. The support has been incredible and for that I am very grateful