Preemptive Love


In the face of terror, you can confront fear with preemptive fear with preemptive love and remake the world.

Our History

Our story began in a hotel lobby inside Iraq in 2007. A fearful father, his beautiful daughter, her ailing heart, and the simple question, “Please, will you try to save her?” From that day, we threw ourselves into eradicating the backlog of children waiting in line for lifesaving heart surgery, often in the most war-torn, unreached parts of the Iraq like Fallujah and Tikrit.
These years of investing in Iraq’s medical infrastructure through training and lifesaving care resulted in over 1,300 heart surgeries. Because of our world renowned surgical teams, we were invited into every major region of the country. When ISIS rampaged onto the global scene, we were uniquely positioned to expand our programming so that we could continue to go to the conflict-zones others were fleeing, to love those no one else will love.
On the heels of our success in Iraq, we are now being invited to provide lifesaving heart surgeries for children around the world, in polarizing conflict-zones like Libya, Pakistan, and Iran.

Who We Serve

We are a global community of peacemakers remaking the world by providing lifesaving heart surgeries for children, food and shelter for those persecuted by extremists, education for at-risk children, and small-business empowerment grants so people can put their own lives back together.

Our Programs:

  • Lifesaving Heart Surgeries for Children
  • Emergency Relief for families victimized by ISIS
  • Empowering grants for small business owners
  • Education for at-risk children
  • Peacemaking in conflict-zones
  • Counsel to policymakers in Washington D.C, London, Baghdad and Beyond.

Together, we can change the world. One person, one message, one brick at a time.